Life Insurance


Term Life Insurance is the simplest and the least expensive form of Life Insurance. It provides you affordable protection with an amount and time-frame specified at the creation of the policy.

If you die while your life insurance policy is in force, the benefit is paid to your beneficiary tax free.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

Life insurance can fill a surprising large number of needs, from covering a mortgage, replacing an income in the unfortunate event of your death, to defending the interests of a special-needs child.

People who could benefit from a life insurance policy include;

  • Breadwinners – Life insurance can provide a replacement to income so that your family can continue to pay expenses and maintain their lifestyle.
  • Stay-at-home parents – Many people don’t consider the value of service that a stay-at-home parent provides to a family until it’s too late. The cost of childcare is high these days and the other option is for the working parent to cease employment, both of which have a severe financial impact.
  • Parents of a special-needs children – What would happen if you’re no longer around? Life insurance can provide financial support to help your child continue to thrive.
  • Homeowners – A policy can cover mortgage payments so that your family doesn’t have to lose┬átheir home.
  • Someone who wants to provide an inheritance – If you don’t have a lot of wealth, life insurance can provide an inheritance to your heirs.
  • Business owners – Life insurance can pay off your business debts, and pay off estate taxes for your heirs.

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